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October 2017 Calendar


GHOST HUNT (October times)

After a brief paranormal tour you may either hunt alone or with our experienced ghost hunting guides. Our guides are here to ensure that you have a positive and safe evening.

Make sure to bring your camera, digital recorder, EMF meter, etc...

Cost is $100.00 + tax per person

Paranormal Tours
(2 hours - reservations required)

These tours last approximately two hours (10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.). This is a GUIDED TOUR of the 4 hottest spots in this 242,000 sq. foot Asylum. Once everyone is registered, we'll break the groups up and assign guides. Bring your camera, digital recorder, EMF meter, etc... Make sure you stay with your guide. You never know what could happen if you break from the group.

Cost is $40.00 + tax per person.

Flashlight Tours
(same hours as the hauunted house and are around 30 minutes)

During the special events at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum we also offer Flashlight tours of the historic Kirkbride building and the Medical Center! Flashlight tours are 30 minute half historic and half paranormal tours.

Tickets are first come first serve and are available on site only.

Cost is $10.00 + tax per person.

Zombie Paintball (Friday & Saturday nights)
(Friday and Saturdays - Weather dependant)

Travel back on our farm and help rescue humanity from the zombie horde.There are only 18 tickets every 30 minutes.

$20.00 per person + tax includes 100 paintballs. Additional paintballs are available during your ride for just $5.00.

The Ayslum Ball (10/21/17)
This is a costume ball . You are not required to wear a costume in order to gain admission, although, due to local laws, clothing is required. Prizes awarded. 18 and older.

Live Music by The Renfields, Under Social, and ...